borns in 1981 and at the age of fourteen he starts dedicating himself to the guitar seriously and constantly; Immediately he begins playing in clubs and with different artists, enjoying various events and winning several awards as best instrumentalist.



at the ‘University of Music’ in Rome and in other schools with the best Italian guitarists and, at the same time taking , part to international master classes with guitarists like Mike Stern, Andy Timmons, Carl Verheyen, Guthrie Govan, Frank Gambale ecc.

The age of majority and the first musical experiences


t the age of eighteen years he collaborated with the known local agency "Azur shows" through which sounds throughout Italy and opening concerts of several artists Riccardo Fogli, New Trolls, Franco Fasano and others.

In 2004 He was hired by Gianni Fiorellino, with whom he currently works, participating in different events in which collaborates with other artists, whom Letizia Contadino, Finalist of the "Sei un Mito", going on air on SKY during the event "Insieme con Mimì”, Mariella Nava, Gianni Nazzaro and others.

Feel’n’Groove, first album


n 2007 he release his first album “FEEL’N’GROOVE” a mix of rock-funk with jazz influences, featured by Antonio Muto on drums, Marco Galiero on bass and Angelo Abate on keyboards and piano; and two guests: Pietropaolo Veltre, on bass, and Alex Argento, on piano, .. The album gets many acknowledgment: it was reviewed , ,, by important magazines, such as “Axe Magazine”, “Percussioni” and “Chitarre”, but also from monthly as , such as “Fresco di Stampa”, il settimanale Radiciand il portale foreign magazines like , “Sweden Rock Guitarist” and “20th Century Guitar”, and websites like , the American, and , and radio as the Roman “Radio Basileand “Radio Fretnet”, ..

With the greats who have made history.


ince 2008 he collaborates with the Association “Fa Re Musica” di Santa Maria a Vico (CE) organizing clinic of international guitarists , such Frank Gambale, Greg Koch, Steve Vai, Robben Ford, and the concerts, playing with Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Andy Timmons, Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, Victor Wooten), Guthrie Govan (Asia), Dave Kilminster (Roger waters) and Paul Gilbert (Racer x , Mr Big), KiKo Loureiro and Buddy Whittington (John Mayall) opening also their concerts.

In 2014 he participates in the Italian tour of Alain Caron (Uzeb , Gino Vannelli) , one of the most respected bass players of fusion music, joins some of the most important Italian jazz festivals like .

TV productions


l January 2010 he plays in the orchestra conducted by M° Renato Serio for the “Concert Epifania” on Rai 1 joined by artists like Fabio Concato, Silvia Mezzanotte, Rosalia de Souza. During the concert “Dieci stelle per Madre Teresa” (December 2010), on Rai1, plays in the orchestra of M° Bruno Santori, playing with artists such as Ivana Spagna, Amedeo Minghi, gli Stadio; ; in January 2011 he takes part in the next edition of the “Concert Epifania”, also broadcast on Rai1 and conducted by M° Renato Serio, playing with Mattia Bazar, Simona Molinari, gli Audio 2 and Sarah Jane Morris.

In 2011 Ciro Manna takes part in several TV shows, such as“Mettiamoci all’opera” (December 2011, Rai1 conducting Pupo, with the orchestra conducted by M° Enzo Campagnoli), “Attenti a quei due” (January/February 2012, Rai1 with Paola Perego and Biagio Izzo, orchestra conducted by Maestro Stefano Palatresi), “Non sparate sul pianista” (March 2012), Rai1 with conducting by Fabrizio Frizzi, in the orchestra of M°

Stefano Palatresi, where he had the opportunity to accompany Pino Daniele, Gino Paoli and Michael Bolton) , “Amici” (April 2012, Canale5, with the conduct of Maria De Filippi, in the orchestra of M° Peppe Vessicchio, where he plays with some of the most popular pop singers of the moment, like Emma and Alessandra Amoroso),”Napoli Prima e dopo” (July 2012) and “Cantare è D’amore” (September 2012) both on Rai Uno in the orchestra led by maestro M°. E. Campagnoli.

In 2013 he join the “Concert Epifania” on Rai 1, the program “Italia’s Got Talent” and “Amici Di Maria de Filippi” on channel 5, the “festival of Castrocaro”(July 2013) and ”Napoli Prima e dopo” (August 2013) aired both on Rai Uno.

Works for “Amici di Maria de Filippi”( March/April/may 2014) on channel 5, “Napoli Prima e dopo” (July 2014) and the “Festival di Castrocaro” (August 2014) in onda su Rai Uno.

Year 2015: The second album and busy schedules of great growth


n 2015 he released his second album ‘XY’ with some special guests such as Simon Phillips (Toto), Leland Sklar (Toto, James Taylor, Phil Collins), Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan ,and others…the cd was reviewed by several magazines and websites as : Axemagazine , Musicoff, Cutway guitar magazine , The progressive aspect, Progarchy, Dmme, Here comes the Flood, Proggnosis ecc.

In March of the same year he promotes his second work in Europe , on a tour as opening band of Andy Timmons , playing in Spain, Belgium, Holland , Germany and England. During the same year he takes part in some concerts like the one held in the Arena of Verona and broadcast on Channel Italia uno under the direction of Maestro M° Vessicchio, conducted by Paolo Bonolis and with guests like Nek, Nina Zilli and Brian May dei Queen.

Then in July he takes part in “Napoli Prima e dopo” and the “Festival di Castrocaro” (August) both broadcast on Rai Uno.

In October, is hired by Richard Bona to be part of his band holding several concerts abroad and participating in various Jazz Festival as,,it,'International Jazz Festival Madrid',,es,‘,,en,jazz Otono,,es,’,,en,Las Palmas,,es,Jazz Festival Contreband,,fr,Seynod,,en,and others,,it,In December,,it,participates in,,it,The coming year,,it,directed by Maestro Palatresi,,it,during which sounds with,,it,Francesco Renga,,es,Noemi,,en,Malika Ayane,,en,Rai Uno,,it,participates in,,it,"Epiphany Concert",,it,on Rai,,it,and an episode of,,it,In January, he works as a demonstrator at,,it,‘Namm Show’,,en ‘Festival Internacional de Jazz De Madrid’, ‘Jazz Otono’ (Las Palmas) ,Festival jazz Contreband (Seynod) ed altri.

Nel dicembre 2015 partecipa a ‘L’anno Che verrà‘ (Matera) diretto dal Maestro Palatresi , durante il quale suona con Francesco Renga, Noemi , Malika Ayane ed altri , on Rai Uno.

In 2016 partecipa al “Concerto dell’Epifania” in onda su Rai 1 e una puntata di “Amici Di Maria de Filippi” on channel 5.

A gennaio Lavora come dimostratore al ‘Namm Show’ of Los Angeles for Dv Mark of which he endorses as,,it,years,,it,Since February of the same year he played with,,it,Dominique di Piazza,,it,historic bassist John McLaughlin,,it,Jazz in several Italian clubs,,it,Serena Autieri,,it,in the theater for the play ',,it,the Sciantosa,,eo,Claudia Megrè,,en,the Voice of Italy,,en,with Maestro,,it,Peppe Vessicchio,,it,on a tour for the most important squares in Italy and,,it,participating in various festivals such as,,it,'Jazz in Andria',,it,‘Capoliveri in Jazz’,,en,and with,,es,Attend,,it,the,,it,Festival,,it,Castrocaro,,en 6 anni.

Dal febbraio dello stesso anno suona con Dominique di Piazza (storico bassista di John McLaughlin )in diversi Jazz club italiani, with Serena Autieri in teatro per lo spettacolo teatrale ‘la Sciantosa’ ,with Claudia Megrè (the Voice of Italy), con il Maestro Peppe Vessicchio in un tour per le più importanti piazze d’Italia e con Alain Caron partecipando a diversi festival come ‘Jazz in Andria’ , ‘Capoliveri in Jazz’ e con Claudia Megrè (the Voice of Italy).

Partecipa a “Napoli Prima e dopo” (July 2016) , il “Festival di
Castrocaro” (August 2016) both broadcast on Rai Uno.

In September of the same year he participated in the festival known Romanian ',,it,day guitars,,ro,sharing the stage,,it,before,,it,thousand people,,it,with some of the greatest guitarists in the world as,,it,Of Rohn,,mt,Tosin Abasi,,fi,etc.,,it,and with the same sounds for,,it,'Casagiove Jazz Festival',,it,'The coming year',,it,Alex Britti,,it,Renzo Arbore,,it,In January,,it,always on Rai,,itZiua Chitarelor’,condividendo il palco (davanti a 5 mila persone ) con alcuni tra i più grandi chitarristi del mondo come Rohn Tal , Tosin Abasi ,Frank Gambale ecc.. e con lo stesso suona per ‘Casagiove Jazz Festival’.

Nel dicembre 2016 partecipa al ‘L’Anno che Verrà’ (Potenza) diretto dal Maestro Palatresi , durante il quale suona con Nek, Noemi , Alex Britti, Renzo Arbore ed altri , in onda su Rai Uno.

Nel gennaio 2017 partecipa al “Concerto dell’Epifania” sempre in onda su Rai 1.

In January, the note sounds fair Namm Show in Los Angeles where he presented his signature CMT amplifier with the prestigious brand and Dv Mark plays in New York and in Los Angeles with his band,,it,In March, after a didactic Clinic tour around Italy plays on several occasions with,,it,Roberto Gatto,,it,In April participates in the transmission,,it,'Our Toto',,it,orchestra conducted by E,,it,Currently he is also very involved in teaching,,it,with more than,,it,master class assets across Italy,,it.

A Marzo dopo un tour di Clinic didattiche in giro per l’Italia suona in diverse occasioni con Dominique di Piazza , with Roberto Gatto and Federico Malaman.

Ad aprile partecipa alla trasmissione ‘Il Nostro Totò’ in onda su Rai uno , nell’orchestra diretta dal Maestro E. E. Campagnoli .



t present is also very involved in teaching,it (con più di 50 master class all’attivo in tutta Italia),She collaborates with the giant,,it,'',,pt,the greatest sales portal of educational methods for guitar,,it,with whom he released three methods,,it,’20 minor key fusion Licks’,,en,‘Master The Modes’ e ‘Time Warp solo,,en,sessions’,,en ‘’, il più grande portale di vendita di metodi didattici per chitarra, con il quale ha pubblicato tre metodi , ’20 minor key fusion Licks’ , ‘Master The Modes’ e ‘Time Warp solo sessions’.

XY – Album preview // Ciro Manna - XY
  1. XY – Album preview // Ciro Manna - XY